Heading homeward in Wyoming – Day 3 of return

Today was a good day, all things considered.  As soon as it opened, the emergency care clinic doctor took a look at my ear that was still dripping some blood overnight.  He gave me a prescription for drops to take 4 times a day.  So, I was well looked after and this was completed by 9:30.   I took the rest of the morning to book ferry crossing across Lake Michigan and sort of balance out the rest of the trip in my mind.

I was told that my part from BMW would arrive in the morning – and I had asked for no later than 10 am.  It arrived a few minutes after 12 noon and I was on my way by 12:30.  As I headed out of Cody, and towards I-90, I started going up through a major gorge and then climbed like crazy for what seemed like hours.  The temperature was 32 C and at the final top of the climb, the temperature had dropped to 22- so nice.   I travelled like this for quite a long time and enjoyed the scenery and wildlife.  There were humungous herds of sheep – some sheared, some not.  There were also bison but I didn’t take the time to shoot photos.  My GPS said it would be after 6 before I arrived at my next stop.  Coming down from the mountain was quite the challenge – no longer were the corners just sharp – a lot of them were hairpin turns.  When the sign recommended 20 mph, guess they were serious.  Had some fun and didn’t get into trouble but sure need more practice.   The rest of the trip was on 4 lane (2 each way) I-90 and speeds up to 80mph.  Where the pavement had been recently re-blacktopped, temperature rose as high as 36.  The black on my boots and the oil in my pants started to cook.  I waved my leg occasionally in the air stream just to stop the sizzling.

So, now I’m located in town of Sundance, Wy.  Tomorrow I hope to have some fun going to the Devil’s Monument, Wy. and the badlands in south west SD.  Then it will be run for the east side of SD somewhere before stopping for the night.

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