Day 2 and I’m in Davenport, Iowa

Not an exciting day driving-wise which is always a good thing.  The weather was terrific, though with big puffy white clouds and blue sky. It didn’t get really hot (pushing 30) until late in the day. Tomorrow’s weather should be quite a bit hotter so I hope to get out there early and finish early. Got caught in terrible traffic going through Chicago.  They narrowed I-94 to 2 lanes and then split the lanes.  I ended up in the ‘fast’ lane which abruptly stopped.  It was like the construction team forgot traffic would be coming through.  We were barricaded between 2 sets of concrete walls and stopped with engines running overheating.  I was fortunate that it didn’t last  too long but we must have been there for 45 minutes at least.   Went passed a quite a few medical centre offices and signs. One office advertised ‘psychiatric services’ and ‘reconstructive surgery’.  Well it  got me thinking – what if they got the patients mixed up?  Seemed like a place to avoid.  Another huge billboard sign with a picture of a patient of a major hospital advertised  “I got my brain surgery here”   Well, who would believe a billboard like that?

As I entered Iowa, I noticed the big Mississippi river and an ad for Buffalo Bill (William Cody) museum so I dropped in for a 1/2 hour.   Lots of neat stuff of that era from clothes to rifles.  They had bowie knives from Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie- all the big names.  They had the last wooden paddleboat  to ply the river in drydock also in the museum.  Anyway, it was all in Leclaire. IA about 10 miles from Davenport where I’m resting for the night.

Which leaves me to one last thought – guess I didn’t get an A+ for planning this trip as I forgot the time changes.  So I almost arrived before the 3 PM check-in time.  Could have made it another 80 miles or more before packing it in.  Live and learn.