July 7th – Haines Junction to Watson Lake

today was long but easy going.  No road construction and we zipped along at a good speed the entire day. Kickstand’ up at 07:00 hrs and breakfast 150 km down the road at Whitehorse.  We lounged outside talking to a California government consultant and then made our way to Teslin where theimagey make great cinnamon buns.   This first half of the trip was by far the most interesting as Shari spotted a porcupine in a tree, a brown bear, and a grizzly with 2 Cubs.   I didn’t dare to slow down near the Grizzlies – they looked hungry.  Along the road, hundreds of ground squirrels were sunning themselves on the road.  One immature eagle captured one and flew alongside the bike for several hundred metres.  By early afternoon, no wildlife was evident besides one brown bear.  We checked in to the same hotel room we used 5 days ago.image

Discovered en route a very strange manner of conveyance for these parts and so Shari took a photo along with a another old antique building

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