Heading home – into Minnesota

Almost felt like going home as I’m only a few miles from Rochester, MN where Shari and I lived for several months.  I recall I used to ride my bike back then east towards Wisconsin which is where I’ll be heading tomorrow.  Today’s weather was pretty well perfect – not too hot but a somewhat humid as it was working up towards a huge thunderstorm that hit around 5;00 pm (after I was booked into my hotel).   The bright sun I was facing as I headed east was blocked as the morning wore on by low hung clouds.

There were no photographs taken today.   For one thing, I didn’t see anything  worth shooting, and the lighting was flat.  But basically, it’s hard to shoot landscapes of flat land – sorta need a foreground and a background and they are hard to find without a step ladder.  Didn’t carry one of those things.

Saw an interesting school just as I left the I90 – it was built as 3 large domes joined by 2 tunnels.  Haven’t been able to find background info on why that kind of design.   Saw my first vineyard – called The Four Daughters Vineyard but haven’t found anyone in the town that offers wine to try – a fruit cider, yes – but no wine.

Trying to find a hotel that is close to the ferry terminal in Milwaukee because the ferry leaves at 6;00 am and starts boarding an hour before that..   Difficult to do that kind of search, at least on a phone but I have a hotel booked nonetheless.

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