Days – 12 and 13 – Caminito and Falkland monument

La Bomba in Action
La Bomba before the show
Falkland War memorial
Beautiful Limbs – tree is pretty sturdy too
Hey You there – got a job for you
More Tango Dancing in Boca
Entrance to Caminito

On Monday, we decided to return to the Boca area and in particular the Caminito lane  – full of quaint tourist shops.  Not wanting to trust our luck with bus services, we took a cab and enjoyed strolling the colourful avenues.  Managed to stroll somewhat away from the safer area but still tracked down a cab to return.  In the evening we walked the 4 km to a rather dingy site that hosted LaBomba drum corp and we jumped up and down with about 1000 young kids until we were so hot and dehydrated that we left a little early and walked home.  That night was our time for takeout and watching another flick on TV.

On Tuesday, we decided to stroll a long way to find a bakeshop recommended to us for lunch and then we visited the memorial to the Falkland Island war victims.  Strangely enough, it’s situated opposite a tall edifice previously donated by the British government.  Saw some beautiful parks with immense trees.  Our afternoon ended with Volta gelato – recommended by a guide Santiago, we had on day one.

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