Day 9 Camino to Triacastela

Roses on albergue rest stop
Evening view from O’cibreiera
View from the trail

A pleasant walk down a 20km mountainside although it started with some significant hill climbs that got the heart pumping quickly.  I dumped a water container early to lighten the load but i was able to take multiple rest stops waiting for Steve who kept the same pace all morning.  Leaving at 7 we walked until 10 to have breakfast and then stopped at 1130 to see if we should end it for the day. Having gained a full day on our schedule we would miss Dave Scribner who planned to meet is in Sarria. It was finally agreed ti move on to Tricastella and change the renmaining schedule.

Yezterday we saw lots of horse dung which indicated horsez from various hamlets had been busy ferryng pilgrims up the long hill.  Today our nostrils were  full of cow manure as every bend in the trail passed fhrough a farm community.

But the day was great, starting with heavy fog and finally ending bright sun. There were beautiful roses in farmers gardens and bright wild flowers. A farmers wife emerged from her home offering homemade crepes and she was eager to know what Canadians called them.

Ended the evening with a ton of salad and a great salmon filet, of course, served with all the wine you could drink

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