day 7 Colonia and Montevideo

guess I’m not the traveler I used to be.  We decided to travel light and walk to the  ferry (Buquebus)  I was all prepared to check in when Shari asked to confirm I had the Reciprocity papers needed to re-enter Argentina. It was definitely 2 very hectic taxi rides in rush hour traffic but I returned in time.  The taxi drivers are maniacs and I’m convinced the rate goes up if they can drive faster.  The ferry ride lasted 1 hour and we had a great time wandering the streets of the old quaint village Colonia.   We tried the local ice cream shop and walked the old city ramparts.   We had arranged a 5:30 departure by bus to Montevideo and we arrived at the Colonia bus terminal in plenty of time to people watch.   During the bus ride, the countryside in the waning light was flat and pastoral – really pleasing and the bus stopped frequently to pickup new passengers.  We arrived via taxi at our hotel in the old part of Montevideo.  Our ferry to return to BA is near our hotel so we plan to safely wander streets in old Montevideo just for the day.

Old town architecture
Beautiful tree lined streets
artisan shop

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