Day 17 and Day 18 – last day and the return trek home

Lo Rafael – our last night on the town
Trying to get the hang of selfie
View from our apartment
Absolutely Wasted at Pearson Airport

Day 17 wasn’t very exciting as we passed the day packing and getting to the airport.  Day 18 was excrutiating as we continued to be in the air until 5:30 am Toronto time, both of us with no sleep.  Fortunately, Michael was available to rescue us at Toronto Pearson and deliver us to a cleaned-up SUV.  We did end up, however, driving home in very snowy conditions and, compared to the 30 degrees we had left, this was not at all welcome.

As we review the trip, the highlights were the expected ones – the parade in Gualeguaychu, the wonderful falls at Iguassu, the good meals in BA.  Learning the history on day one from our bicycle tour guide Santiago was also a hit.  My biggest disappointment was not being able to communicate and meet more people due to the language barrier.  Learned a lot about guitar making however and the tango dancers were fun to watch.

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