Day 17 and awarding of the Compostela

A partial photo of the grand cathedral
Inside the ornate cathedral

We stayed in an albergue designed for 400 people  but there were lesd than 40 on the night we booked a room.  Our room had 2 other pilgrims besides us.  They had laundry facilities and kitchen in addition to many rooms most with 4 bunkbeds each.  We planned to walk slowly into Santiago which was only 5 kms away.

We arrived just before the time when the Compostela office opened and got in line  by 10am we had received our diplomas recognizing an official 322 km walk. (They have different ranking for travel by foot, horse, bicycle, etc)   they checkef thaf we had 2 stamps for most days.

We spent several hours in the large cathedral attending services and investigating.  At 3pm we grabbed a cab to a very nice hotel remote crom the city.   Our wives met us at the hotel and the celebrations began.

The remainder of the blog is not of any consequence as it doesnt relate to the camino. Suffice to say. The stay in Santiago and later im Vigo was fantastic.  I also rewarded my feet with expensive new walking shoes

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  1. Congratulations!!! Glad to hear that you both finished the overall route.

    It made me tired just reading your posts. Hope you enjoy a good rest and safe journey home.

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