Day 10 to Sarria and even beyond

    Shed opened for refreshments
Some wall repair with a companion


Pretty easy to see how it got missed

Today was a long day.  Thought the terrain out of Triacastela would be fairly level but oh no.  Clkmbed until we were above the clouds.  More walking thru hamlets littered by cattle droppings  at one point a pilgrim friend ventured ‘havent we already been here before’   after longing for a breakfast or at least a coffee, a farmer had opened a stable area and was offering coffee with fruit. Cookies and bread.  Was a welcome break
Overall it was  hike and a half.  Hiked all the way to Sarria only find our hotel ressrvation was many kms away. So stopped for boiled eggs, toast and coffee and kept going. SARRIA itself was a typical mountain town and had lots of steep steps and roads and then we headed out into more country hills.  The name of the inn ‘108 to Santiago’ gave us fits because we didn’t know the name of the town, or whether it was located on the Camino. When i arrived and tried to check in, there was confusion over the reservation. During that time steve walked past the inn.  So for a while he was awol but a donkey braying at mileage 108 told him he had probably overshot the hotel.

So now we are sipping sangria by the pool.  Pretty tough day

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  1. Sounds like the farmer knew folks would find the trail tough. So kind to give you a nutritious boost. Glad you have a rest day tomorrow.

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