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Europe blog continued

Aboard Trollfjord
Bergen from the ship

Days 5,6 & 7.   To lose some weight I left my my laptop at Rebecca’s house and it appears it’s difficult to update a blog on an IPad in sequence so I’m starting a new blog.

Not sleeping as well as I’d like but still enjoying the trip.  On day 5 we decided to clean the house in preparation for the Trip to Norway.   In the evening Rebecca and Dave treated us to a broadway musical ‘Hamilton’.   It was fantastic. The next day we arose early to fly to Oslo and then Bergen.  I was surprised by how much snow we could see from the air.   However Bergen itself was dry, warm and inviting.   We boarded the Hurtigruten ship ‘Trollfjord’ last night and signed up for a few hikes during upcoming stops.   Some port stops are 15 minutes but others are up to 3 hours.

Norway from the air
Approaching Bergen
Bergen at sundown from the ship
Bergen at sundown


Day 8.   Might have added a day – it’s possible this is only day 7.   Regardless We (all 4 of us) are on the Trollfjord and today’s major stop was Alesund.  It’s the first major stop after Bergen which we left at midnight last night.  We joined the Expedition crew and 6 of us with 2 guides hiked up to the summit of a hilltop overlooking the harbour and town of 25000.  Actually the town is spread over several islands also.  It was a strenuous hike for me.   Definitely not as smooth as I once was

Norway fjord
A mite breezy


Ålesund from top of our mountain climb
Wind blown atop the hill
Deciding who will jump first

.Staying pretty despite the gusty winds

Staying pretty despite the wind


Day 9.   After yesterday’s hike my legs are really feeling it but I managed to walk around Trondheim today – twice.   Woke up at 6:00 and as everyone was asleep I headed out to see the city.  It’s the second or third largest in the country and was once the capital.  Came back for breakfast and all 4 of us walked the town again.  A very sleepy town on Easter Sunday

Trondheim early morning
Shari and her Troll friend
Studying the Nidarros castle
Buildings on stilts

Bridge to ‘old Trondheim’

Bridge to ‘old’ Trondheim
Lonely 20 metre lighthouse once inhabited
At sea north of Trondheim

.Lonely 20 metre lighthouse once inhabited

stokksundet – a 48 metre wide passagewaykm


Day 10 I guess and going quickly.    Today we leave the ship but not until 7:00 pm Norway time.   So we had s bus excursion to a set of rapids and whirlpools that are advertised as spectacular.   To be honest in the driving rain it was difficult to get excited.   I did get up early and caught this early morning shot sometime around 5:00 am


Europe 2019

This Blog covers London, Norway, Finland, Scotland travels in 2019

Day 1&2:  Got quickly put to work in the back yard by Dave clearing rubble for their new storage cabin.  Went to church and watched the Masters at a pub to see Tiger win.  Good to finally get recovered from jet lag.


London walk

Day 3  A short trip to Camden Town Market.   Today took a long boat cruise from Little Venice to Camden return.  Since the school kids were out, this was a very busy place.  Got a chance to speak to one of the operators so learned a little history of olden days use of the hundreds of miles of lochs and waterways throughout southern England.

The waterways are relatively clean and occupied by hundreds of boats, birds, fish and people walking alongside each part of the canals.
72 foot long boat
Camden lanterns









DAY 4:  Trip to British Museum;  Today we had to stay behind to let the workers in who are building a small castle in the back of Rebecca’s garden.  As they worked, I kept busy trying to assemble a table which we then used to organize our suitcases and knapsacks.  When David arrived home we took the ‘Tube’ and walked through Carnaby street to the museum.  We then took the tube home arriving just as it started to rain.   In all, it was a good day.

Assyrian sphinx
British Museum entrance
British Museum skylight

Baffin Island

NB and Nfld Sightseeing