Day 4, 5 and 6 – so much walking

what I’d rather be doing today
incredible iguana falls

Well, Iguazu was all we had hoped for and more.  Of course it took a while to get to Iguazu.  the first LAN aircraft took off and then had to turn around for some technical reason.  The second one got us to Iguazu 5 hours later than  planned.  When we reached the hotel, they explained that Iguazu would close soon so we caught the bus as soon as it passed by and made our way to the falls.  the manner of actually reaching the falls consists of 2 trains and a lot of walking, done over steel/mesh walkways.  A lot of expense to cover the huge acreage.  Got wet, got my photos and had to leave on the last train out – about 2 hours after we arrived.

The second day was better still.  We sorta hired a taxi for the day and had him drive us to a hummingbird house where I shot pics for an hour and then he picked us up and took us to Iguazu falls where we paid our entrance again but at a discounted rate, and this time we hiked all the lower trails – mean

Blue Hummingbird

ing fewer trains and more hiking.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  then the driver picked us up, with our luggage from the hotel, and dropped us off at the airport.  Well, we were 3 hours early for the flight but we managed to kill the time.  Once we boarded the plane, however, the captain decided that the air conditioning was not up to par and we were another hour before taking off.  Grabbed a cab to take us home and he drove like a maniac but got us home safely.

Today was a different story.  I did my research – didn’t want to tax us too much.  I ensured the museum we wanted to see (Malba) was open.  We walked to the wrong museum, then found out where the right one was and walked to that too.  Then we found out it was closed.  that took about 5 hours of walking.  Then we found out the museum restaurant was open so we enjoyed a beautiful lunch.  We decided we had stamina for

one more thing if it was close so we went to the Japanese gardens.  When we left the Japanese gardens we decided we would try to walk home.  We were, unfortunately, robbed on the way.  It was a very expert pick pocket but we know who did it.  He made off with a lot of cash but left me with my credit cards.  Hopefully, this lesson will stay with me but these guys are good – trust me.

Tomorrow is another big day – actually 2 – off to Colonia Uruguay and then a bus ride to Montevideo to stay overnight.  So, I’ll hopefully be writing to you from a different country


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